Yay! This is the 52nd episode of my weekly podcast … Explore Your Enthusiasm is one year old! (Tomorrow's exactly one year from the first episode.)

In this episode I share:

  • 3 lessons that I've learned from podcasting, that you can apply to your own creative business
  • What podcasting has done for my business
  • What's coming up next (including big news!)

Top 10 episodes (by downloads) in the first year:

  1. Episode 1: the beginning!
  2. How to Get Stuff Done, Part 1
  3. How to use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in your Creative Business
  4. Marketing for Introverts
  5. Navigating an art career, with Claudine Hellmuth
  6. Turn Readers into Buyers: Craft a Customer Path
  7. Reviewing 2014
  8. How to launch anything
  9. How to get stuff done, part 2
  10. What your customers care about

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How to listen

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