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What I’ve learned from 52 weeks of podcasting



Yay! This is the 52nd episode of my weekly podcast … Explore Your Enthusiasm is one year old! (Tomorrow's exactly one year from the first episode.)

In this episode I share:

  • 3 lessons that I've learned from podcasting, that you can apply to your own creative business
  • What podcasting has done for my business
  • What's coming up next (including big news!)

Top 10 episodes (by downloads) in the first year:

  1. Episode 1: the beginning!
  2. How to Get Stuff Done, Part 1
  3. How to use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in your Creative Business
  4. Marketing for Introverts
  5. Navigating an art career, with Claudine Hellmuth
  6. Turn Readers into Buyers: Craft a Customer Path
  7. Reviewing 2014
  8. How to launch anything
  9. How to get stuff done, part 2
  10. What your customers care about

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Happy Anniversary!

Today's my anniversary!

I have been self-employed, making handspun yarn, full-time for one year!

Instead of writing about, let me tell you what it's like:

But most importantly?

I want to say,  THANK YOU!

Without you and your support at the Boutique, I wouldn't be able to pay the bills.
Without your delightful emails, I wouldn't love what I do.
Without your encouragement and sympathy during hard times, I wouldn't be able to go back to the wheel each day.

Thanks for making this last year awesome.

Here's to many more fabulous, yarny, colorful adventures!

PS. If you have questions about this self-employment thing, ask 'em during the Twitter chat today (3p ET, but you can use #asktheChicken to ask them anytime) or on the free Q+A.

Fun. Everyday.

I think I need to have more fun.

Sure, I like my job (it is Plan A).
I love my family.
I adore my dog (warning: that's a really cute video of my dog snorgling the cat).

But I'm sort of…serious. Hard-working. Disciplined.
And these are all admirable qualities.

But not always fun.

So I'm on a mission (not a mission from God, just a regular ol' mission).
A mission to have more fun.
A mission to have fun everyday.

In this spirit, I'm laughing at myself.
I'm having great conversations.
I'm spending more time IdeaStorming (yes, it's work, but it's so fun).

And I'm celebrating.

Because 1 year ago, on July 1st, I started this adventure of full-time fiber artist and pink-haired entrepreneur.

I'm celebrating by doing what I love: talking to people.
Talking to YOU.

On July 1st, I'm going to hold a little party and you are invited!

Join me for a live Q+A session on the phone (sign up here to get the call details)  and on Twitter (use tag #askthechicken to ask your questions).

But what else is fun?

What do you do for fun? Share it in the comments, or on Twitter by using #funeveryday.
If you want to see what I'm doing for fun, check out #funeveryday and add your own fun!