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I'm Tara Swiger and I'm a podcaster, author and Starship Captain.

I lead makers (like you!) + artists to explore your best business, define success for yourself, and still take care of your well-being.

We find your best business by following your enthusiasm and experimenting with what works for you and your people and the world you're creating. I help you explore that world with the free mini-course, the #BizConfidenceChallenge, and my podcast, Explore Your Enthusiasm. Together we can make a map, do math to Pay Yourself, build your business fundamentals aboard the Starship.

There are no templates, schemes or YOU MUST lists. There are questions, laser beams of clarity, and dance parties.


How did I get here? It all started with yarn.

In 2006, I started creating and selling handmade, eco-friendly yarn.

3 years later, I quit my day job to make yarn full-time.

And then the questions started. 

The more I shared my journey of crafty business, the more questions I got: HOW did I grow the company? HOW was it thriving after the economic meltdown? HOW could they find more buyers?

I discovered I loved learning, reading and talking to creative businesses about how they could share their thing (ie, marketing), reach their biggest fans, and craft a business life they loved. I started getting emails from interesting people doing amazing work. Could I help? Of course!

Through conversations and experiments and consulting gigs, I've learned what works.

I've worked as a Community Manager in a retail-focused tech start-up, and a Content Strategist for consultants, designers, and coaches. I've Idea Partnered with copywriters and hiring managers and tiny media companies. Together we've launched programs, sent press releases, and created content strategies that built a community from scratch.

For the maker community, I've taught with CreativeLIVE, Midwest Craft Con Craftcation, SchoolHouseCraft, TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association), and dozens of workshops for the non-profit Handmade in America. I've been awarded a Lifetime Achievement award for my contribution to the craft community by Midwest Craft Con.

I turned my earliest classes into a book for makers, published by Cooperative Press:

book cover market yourself 001

You can order it here.



And now I captain a Starship.

The Starship is a year-long adventure with a community full of explorers. Together we hold each other accountable with map-making, weekly chats, and regular classes. I accept new Explorers once a quarter, and until then you can get on the Early Boarding Party and meet a few of the captains.


I'm a big nerd, but you don't have to be.

I love Doctor Who, Star Trek (all of 'em, but especially DS9), and Battlestar Galactica. I also knit, quilt, crochet, and spend way too much time reading.

Despite all this, you don't have to be much of a geek to fit in, but it helps if you dig metaphors, adventures and explorations (both real and imagined).
The thing is – those geeky shows are about more than space and aliens – they're about being an Explorer. About approaching the world as if you don't know everything yet. And this is exactly how we approach your creative business. Because your business is an entire world, your world, with your own culture, people and rules. No one else's systems or rules will apply. You learn through exploration and experimentation.

The question we answer here is: if you can't use a system or a template, how do you create an amazing business, one that's all yours?


Want the whole story?

Here's the How I Quit My Day Job series:

1. It All Starts At Home
2. Learning to Knit
3. Debbie Stollar Changed My Life
4. Into Cubicle Land
5. Out of the Cubicle Forest

How every job prepared me for entrepreneurship:

Here’s  how I came up with my yarn company name (warning: adorable story ahead!)


What about you?

When you can expect to hear from me

If you are a customer, who has bought something and has a question or concern, you can expect to hear back from me within 1 business day.

If you are asking something general or just want to connect (yay! thanks!) I answer those emails on Mondays and Thursdays.  If I'm terribly behind, it may take me as much as two weeks to answer your email.

It's been over 2 weeks and you still haven't heard back? Let my VA (Vulcan Assistant) know at vulcanATtaraswiger.com. It probably got lost in the internets!

Although I love chatting with you, most biz questions don't have a simple answer and a single email won't be enough. If you really want my focused time and attention on your biz, join the Starship.

Where to find me in the rest of the world

Twitter – quick thoughts and fun links.
Facebook – join the community of adventurers
Instagram – daily-ish photos of my adventures + vegan food.
Ravelry – my knitting projects
Goodreads – where I track all my reading and want-to-be-reading
YouTube – interviews with business explorers (and some cute videos of my sheep!)