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I'm so glad you're here. 

When I quit my day job to sell my handmade yarn full time, I was overwhelmed with questions from other makers. Through answering them, I discovered that I didn't just love *my* business, I loved ALL businesses. And I loved helping makers find the just-right fit for their own situation – the business model, the marketing plan, the profitability – I love seeing it click into place.

But answering questions one-at-a-time isn't very efficient because nothing in business stands alone – it's all interconnected. So I started teaching classes that would cover an entire system, so that you can  fit together all the parts. In 2012, my marketing systems became a book, published by Cooperative Press: Market Yourself!

In my experience teaching + consulting with businesses of all sizes, I've learned that most makers know much more than they think. If you're not where you want to be, it's probably not about a lack of knowledge, it's about a lack of  focused, consistent ACTION. To take that action, you need a great plan, but you also need support. In 2011, I created the best support system I could imagine  – a year-long adventure (although most members renew again and again, with many being aboard for the whole 3 years!) to provide you with weekly accountability, monthly reminders and quarterly planning sessions. We named it the Starship (that's what the members voted on!) and you can read more about it here.

Since then, I've been making classes + guides that answer the questions and conundrums asked inside the Starship. I've been invited to teach these classes for art councils and community colleges with Handmade in America, in an artist studio in Boston, at an alpaca farmers' convention and to yarn shop owners at the national trade association show. You can find a few of these workshops for self-study here.

You can read more about my story here, if you like.

What you'll find here

Here's what I know: you are the expert of your business, and you can learn the answer to almost any of your questions by exploring what works. This informs everything I create.

The blog is full of inspiration for your own exploration, insights from my journey, and interviews with your fellow explorers.

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The classes and books serve as guides for your exploration – they are packed full of questions and worksheets so that you apply it to your business. Whether you want to explore marketing, profit, or creating a path to your own business goals, I've got you covered. If you'd like the added benefit of exploring with other creative biz owners, I hold new, live classes online about once a quarter. To be notified of the upcoming classes, sign up here.

I also travel and lead explorations into map-making, profitability, and marketing in workshops around the country. You can see my upcoming schedule here or invite me to come to your town!

How we can work together

If you want to increase sales, start with my book – it is the most comprehensive guide for creating a marketing plan that you can actually live with.

If you'd like to us craft your marketing plan together, you can learn more about it and schedule one here. (Due to the restraints of the time-space continuum, and the fact that every Starship member gets 2 free sessions, I have limited space for these.)

If your business needs a structure and you want to continue planning (and implementing) throughout the year, embark on a Solo Mission.

The Starship is the most-comprehensive option – you get everything above (access to all past classes, free admission to all upcoming classes) + 2 free one-on-one sessions with me + quarterly map-making and monthly review + a weekly live chat + 24/7 forums. It only opens once a quarter + you can sign up to be notified (and learn more about it) here.


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You can find more about my mission on the About page, but I’d really love to get to know you. Shoot me an email and tell me about you and your business! What are your questions? What are your dreams?

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