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An Adventurous Life

We have TWO TODDLERS Foster Care Update // WEEKLY VLOG

Meet our two sweet toddlers. Two adorable, sweet sisters are filling our days with long walks and visits to the park and ALL THE SNACKS.

If you’d like to welcome the girls to our family: Our Amazon Child/Baby Registry is here.

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*AromaTouch: the massage blend! It promotes circulation and relaxation.
*Balance: get centered and calm. My students’ favorite workday blend.
*Past Tense: the headache and tension blend. I use this on my tight shoulders.



What are essential oils & how to use them // WEEKLY VLOG

What is an essential oil?

Curious about what essential oils ARE? And how to tell the difference between a real plant-based product and synthetics?

You can get a free e-book about the basics of essential oils here:
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Three ways to use essential oils

How do you use essential oils? When should you use each method?

In this video I answer one of the most-asked questions about essential oils – how to use them to clean the air, help your digestion, help you sleep and more!

We also talk about the big issue: IS IT SAFE TO USE OILS INTERNALLY? The answer: only if they're the purest oils in the world, tested and approved.

Learn more about oils in the free e-book:
Get started with essential oils (and tons more education) here:
The video about LifeLong Vitality that I mention:



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My morning routine + what I pack on a trip // WEEKLY VLOG

A few weeks ago I spent 4 days in San Diego and shot a quick video about what I ALWAYS bring with me, for my morning routine and stay-sane-on-planes self-care! If you've been wanting to get the toxins out of your beauty routine, hair care and self-care, this is exactly what I use and love. No toxins, all natural ingredients, and it feels DIVINE.

You can get everything I mention for 25% off when you have a membership with doTERRA. Most people start with this Starter Package (and if you order by April 15th, you'll get a free bottle of Deep Blue Rub – my fave solution to monthly cramps and sore backs.) –

Shampoo –
Facial Cleanser –
Immortelle Serum –
Rose Touch –
Root to Tip Serum –
Deodorant –
(new sensitive skin deodorant:
Neroli Touch:
Frankincense Touch:
Hope Touch (my daily perfume):
Peppermint Touch:
Breathe Touch:

Got a question about how to get started with oils? Email me: I'm here to hep!

I HAVE A NEW BABY – foster parent update // WEEKLY VLOG

We got a new foster care placement, a 6 week old baby girl!

Things I forgot to say:

  • We have no idea how long she’ll be with us, I haven’t heard from her social worker yet. We *may* know more by end of week.
  • Her online alias is Lee – it’s not her real name and not even close to it.

Baby registry, if you wanna welcome her into our family:

Any questions? Just ask!



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