Continuing to learn and grow is an important part of running any creative business. Learn all about my favorite books from the past six months at

Monthly reading updates are back!

I’m going to start sharing, every month, the books I am reading and loving and the ones that are most impacting my business, mindset and decision-making!

Last year I read 70+ books and in 2015 and 2016, I read over 100 each year.

And for those 3 years I have reported in on my reading every month, in a blog post. But I kinda accidentally stopped, in July of 2017. There was no real reason, I just kept forgetting to do the blog post! I polled y’all on Instagram (are you following me on Instagram? If not, go do it – you get to vote on everything from I talk about on the podcast to watch on my Netflix queue!) – and you said you wanted me to go back to sharing my weekly list and you preferred me to do in an audio/video format. So that’s what we’ll do – 1 podcast a month on BOOKS. You can find allllll of my other reading posts and what I’ve been reading for the last 3 years right here.

So today I’m not going to cover January’s books, I’m actually going to go back and catch up on my favorite books since July, the last time I wrote about it!

All of these books are under $20 and I highly recommend each one.

Do you have a book suggestions you think I should read? Come tell me on Facebook!

Do you like episodes like this where I cover a lot of books, or would you prefer me to go deeper into one book per episode, like I have with Slight Edge and How Emotions are Made? I’ll put up a poll on Instagram, so be sure you’re watching my Stories!

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