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The view

Thanks to our One Car Situation (did you know we only have one car in a public-transit-less small town?) when Jay's appointments went reeeeally late, I got to watch the sun set from my favorite spot in town, over the mountains. #workedoutjustfine
You should just assume every Wednesday morning of fall looks like this: Post-workout hot donut, local coffee and a handknit shawl, it is actually cool enough to wear! #coloraffection #fallshawlstyle
Ready for action!  (I am very out of practice. This was hard work, yo )  #spinzilla #spinning
My autumnal obsessions: apples and butternut. (Last night I made the best apple crisp, by @minimalistbaker) #yayfall #taralovesmornings #minimalistbaker
Oh man. This Sheep Spot Polwarth is DELICIOUS. Dyed by @thecraftyrabbit. #spinzilla #spinstagram

I am so grateful for…

The Finds:

I’m exploring:

When Elise first linked to the Capsule Wardrobe idea, I giggled to myself: the idea of paring your wardrobe down to just 37 pieces you'd wear in a season, well, it presumes that you have over 37 items of clothes. And it presumes you go shopping (I don't, Jay has to convince me to try anything on, and then to buy what I actually say I want/need.)
But when Elise shared her own,  I thought: It would be awesome to know that I was actually WEARING everything in my closet and that it all fit together into grown-up outfits. (I tend to wear the same 3 tshirts/sweaters/cardigans with my 2 pairs of identical jeans – the joys of self-employment.) Off I went to my closet and drawer and pulled out everything I'm not going to wear in the cold weather (sleeveless shirts, lighter dresses) and donate-able stuff (stained shirts, too-big dresses and pants I've been holding on to “in case”.) As I  counted up what was left, I realized that there are some gaps that I've been frustrated about for years, and that I could actually, ya know, fill them. (The gaps: Clothes to meet students/friends for coffee in. I have plenty of “working at coffeeshop” tshirts/jeans/hoodies and enough “teaching in front of a room” dresses (3)…but nothing in between.) I got another pair of jeans, a sweater and a button-down (to dress up my pullover sweaters) and suddenly BAM! I feel a grown-up with an actual wardrobe of options. I also signed up for a Stitch Fix, because, man, I hate to shop (Jay bribes me) and my local options are limited.  (I'm still not up to 37 piece, but I have what I need, and it actually fits together.)

I still don't care anything about fashion and meeting someone else's standards of beauty and “appropriateness”, but as I started to explore my own resistance to buying clothes (I could write many, many more posts about my issues around money, shopping, objectification), I'm realizing that it's possible to look at clothes as another opportunity to feel good, to be myself, just for me.

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