Do you ever tell yourself you’re “not the type of person who…”? Did you know this is a form of limiting yourself? Learn more about how to stop subconsciously limiting yourself (both in life and in your creative business) on this episode of Explore Your Enthusiasm with Tara Swiger:

I'm not the kind of person who….
makes a lot of money
has a super successful business
would ever be good at sales
could ever be self-promotional

How many times have you caught yourself saying a version of this: “I'm not the kind of person who….” I know I do it all the time, and my recent experience is the inspiration behind this episode. We'll talk about why it's true that you really aren't that kind of person and how to become the kind of person who reaches your goals and lives your dream. It all comes down to the habits you have now and the habits you can create.

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