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What I’m Reading: April 2016

follow my enthusiasm by reading…a lot. And once a month, I share (some of) the books I read last month and the books I intend to read this month. You can join the informal book club by sharing your own list in the comments and find all the posts here.

What are YOU reading this month? I'm sharing my list of April reads on the blog, at TaraSwiger.com. Come and read my mini-reviews and leave recommendations of YOUR favorite books!


What I read

  • Presence, by Amy Cuddy – I really liked this! I recommend it for everyone who gets nervous and feels frozen or awkward in… any situation! If you don't read the book (which you totally should!), you can watch her TED talk.
  • The Secret History, by Donna Tartt – I'm like a decade after everyone else, but this book was great – I love the way the mystery unfolded. You know who did it, but you don't get why until the very end.
  • Year of Cozy, by Adrianna Adarme – so pretty! Totally inspired me to make my own candles.

What I’m reading

What I read last March.
And in April 2014.

What are you reading?

I could use some recommendations! What are you reading and loving right now?




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