Hi! You're here because you read a post in which I mentioned something I love! Awesome!

So let's get clear on what it means when I link to something I love:

It means I love it. 

I make 99% of my income from The Starship, Map Making Guide, live workshops and digital classes. I know that you only invest in those products if you like and trust me, so your trust is my absolute biggest priority, in everything I do. That means living with integrity, being honest, and doing my best to utterly delight you in everything I write and say (whether it's paid or free).

So…it doesn't make any sense to recommend something that won't build that trust and strengthen OUR relationship.


What I think about affiliate programs and advertising: 

I talk about a lot of tools, books, classes and well, stuff online. I send a lot of traffic to other people, products and things, because I truly like them. I think it makes sense to acknowledge that.

I don't sell advertising, because I don't want to focus on traffic and clicks and what someone else wants me to write about. I want to be able to write about what I find to be true and good and useful, and not worry if that brings me more traffic, attention, or money. So being an affiliate for things I really love, feels like a good way to be thanked, without being constrained to do what someone else wants. I've only ever become an affiliate for something after I've paid my own money for it.

(Do you know that a lot of bloggers, myself included, are asked to be an affiliate for things they've never read or experienced? These programs usually have huge payouts (like, hundreds of dollars), so otherwise honest people jump on it. This kind of marketing sucks, and it's why we have to work so hard to establish ourselves as honest.)


Here's what you should know: 

I’m an affiliate for Amazon, which means I get a tiny bit of money if you buy through the links I’ve used throughout the site. (So far, I've earned enough for a book. It's a very small amount and doesn't change the price you pay at all!)  

GoodReads is a free tool for tracking what you read. (I love it and use it, so I recommend it. I get no money!)

I read 99% all of the not-ebooks via my library, which I strongly advise! Unless you're like my friend Jamie, who really wants to own a book – in which case, use IndieBound to find your local bookstore! (I love love Malaprops!)

I'm a member of Leonie's Academy and I have read ALL of the materials inside. Although I don't use the forums, I've more than gotten my investment back. Leonie's Business Guide is the best resource I've found on STARTING to sell your crafts. Since I get that question so often (and all of my materials help businesses who are in the middle, not the beginning), I'm an affiliate (which means that Leonie sends me a percentage of  what you pay as Thank You Monies, if you use my link to join.) You can always join by going to LeonieDawson.com and joining, if you don't want to use my affiliate link.

I use my Desire Map journal every morning to set my three intentions and take a moment to be grateful for my day. I work through the Desire Map book every 6 months or so. I've recommended it to so many of my clients (and they love it so much), I'm an affiliate.

I love You Need a Budget. It's totally changed my financial health (and happiness!) If you buy the software using my link, you save $6, and they send me $6. That's it! I'm an affiliate for this because I recommend it so often and I'd like you to save $6!

These are the  ONLY things that I'm an affiliate for. So if I mention a class by anyone else, it's just because I think it looks cool! I always clarify if I've taken  the class or read the book, or if it just seems awesome. 


Got questions? 

Email me: vulcan@taraswiger.com