Every day is an adventure. I share the view, the gratitude and the finds on Fridays, and you’re invited to join in.
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The view

Forgot my notebook at home, so I mind mapped today's writing on a napkin. #makingdo

#foundwhilerunning: kitty cat!

Auditioning all-over pink for Boston trip. Will it last the whole week? (This after 3 washes). #hmm

Excellent (pink) mail day!

I am so grateful* for:

  • New Starship Captains! I've been surprised and delighted by every captain – getting to know them is a highlight of my week!
  • Old Starship Captains! Well, they're not all that old, but the Captains who have been on board for a while have been sharing their stories with me (you can find some of them here + here). Their words are confirmation of the amazingness we're building together, and I can't imagine anything better.
  • Ana. She's made my upcoming workshop in Boston a total delight to plan.
  • Jess! This week she's edited + created some much-needed improvements to the Starship and, well, my life. (I also understand that she's almost booked up. If you need a little more space in your world, she's your gal!)
  • Good news: I'll be teaching at TNNA in San Diego in January! Yay!  (details to come)


The finds:

  • Haley encourages us to rethink how you talk about your craft. I couldn't agree with her more!
  •  Flora Bowley’s Bloom True has reopened! I truly loved the class experience, and I have 4 paintings (my first ever!) to show for it, so I’m happy to recommend it. Class begins September 30th!
  • I finally decided on my plane knitting for Boston – another Color Affection! (My last one was started on my last trip to Boston, with yarn from my book launch at Gather Here…but I lost it just a month after finishing it!)
  • I'm trying all-over pink hair for the first time ever (picture above) and I love it! Since someone always asks, I use Manic Panic in Hot Hot Pink. It's vegan, and doesn't have all the icky chemicals of other hair dyes.
  • Speaking of icky chemicals, I've been on a major detoxing of the chemicals in my life. I couldn't do it without EWG's database for beauty products (I've switched shampoo, soap, mascara.)
  • And the week wouldn't be complete without marching bands and The Fox:

What did you explore this week?

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