I work with artists (artist = anyone making their work – writers, painters, makers, coders) who are amazing when it comes to following their own path with their art. They're not worried about fitting in or being weird. They do their own thing, wear what they want, and infuse their entire life with their personality.

And yet…
They don't think their go your own way mentality applies to their business. Or, they don't realize that they're comparing their business model, offerings, and success to someone else's. They try to fit themselves into a model that worked for another artist. They see a tool working for someone else and when they apply it to their own and hate it, they think something is wrong with them.  Although they would never, never tell themselves they have to have a  9-5 or wear a suit to be a real adult, they regularly tell themselves they have to be on Twitter, or blog, or {fill in the blank} in order to have a real business. 

I do this too! I see someone using a tool to connect with a rapt audience, and I think: Oh no! I'm doing it wrong! …and I feel bad about that.

But darlings, we have to remember: There is no One Way to have a business.

There are a zillion ways to build a business. There are a trillion tools, a million ideas, a hobjillion paths. Your job is the find what works for you. Because when you force yourself into something that isn't you, your business becomes awkward and clunky.  You'll feel guilty, exhausted and icky and your work will suffer.

And yet, just knowing this, doesn't seem to get those other people out of our heads. It doesn't stop us from looking at what other people are doing and thinking, I should totally be doing that. 

So let's shake up these assumptions, eh? Let's break the hold they have over us and bring them into the sunlight.

What are you judging yourself for not doing? 

List all the things you see other people doing (well) that you wish you were doing. 

(Really! Take out your notebook and make a list!)

Now let's learn from this + stop flogging ourselves!

This list is a reflection of  your perception of what a successful business does. It's not reality. Yes, the things on your list worked for someone, but not for everyone. 

But this list is also a great learning tool. Every thing that you think you should be doing is a clue into what you desire. Instead of focusing on what you're not doing, let's use it to learn more about you, how you work, and what you value.

Do you see any similarities between things on the list?
Perhaps you've listed a bunch of social media tools, or a bunch of in-person events.

What do you think these things would bring into your life or business? 
Make a list of the qualities or experiences you think you'd have more of…connection? confidence? encouragement?

Now, look at this second list – is your business lacking those qualities? What do you want more of? 

This is your new to-do list!

Instead of focusing on the specific tools and models, focus on these qualities. Find a new way to bring it into your work. 


Need help? Leave a comment and I'll help you brainstorm some other ways to bring your list into your business!



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