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The View

Finished block! This isn't as scary as I thought! #paperpiecing
"The feeling that the work is magnificent, and the feeling that it is abominable, are both mosquitos to be repelled, ignored, or killed, but not indulged." Annie Dillard says so. (True of any work, I think)
Andre doesn't seem to understand that I need to move the quilt in order to bind it.
Finished square! Yay! (For Believe circle of do. Good -finished quilt will go to foster kid!) #paperpiecing #quilting

The Path

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing that Jay got the new job he's longed for!


  • Even though I'm not really taking a break this August (I'm preparing for Explore You, teaching 2 live workshops with HIA, and our anniversary and Jay's birthday!), I am taking part in Susannah Conway's August Break. This means I'll be taking a photo every day this week, sharing it Instagram  and right here on this blog. Some days they'll be accompanied by words, sometimes not. If you subscribe to the blog posts, this means you'll be getting a few more than usual. You can always update your settings to just get the weekly lesson (always a totally new, not-on-the-blog lesson for your creative biz), if you don't want all those blog posts. You can see all the August Break photos with the hashtag #AugustBreak2013. Join me?


  • Another photo idea/challenge that I've been pondering is Becky Higgins' Stories of Home. It's a great reminder to snap all the tiny places around your house that you love, right now.


  • I've overjoyed at the response to our new Meet-Up map! If you wanna meet local explorers (we're a crafty, geeky, wordy bunch), add your town here. To be a part of the map, you need to click “Get updates” over in the left sidebar, after you've clicked on your city. This does NOT mean you have to plan something, just that you're saying: Hi! I'm here! (I heartily suggest that you add also yourself to the nearest bigger city, if you're willing to go there for a meet-up or class.)


  • I did my first paper-piecing this week! I made two 12″ blocks for the Believe quilting circle, using Fresh Lemon's Starry Night block. So much easier than I imagined (even if my points aren't quite perfect) and it's amazing to know the finished quilt will go to a foster kid.



This makes me very very happy: What it means to be a nerd, by Wil Wheaton:

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