Close-up of a to-do list. What in your biz (or life) needs a close-up? (More on the blog).

Today's August Break prompt is close up and it got me thinking about the non-photography close-ups we do in our business.

Close-up on the individual tasks we need to do to make our dreams come true.
Close-up on our people + their language.
Close-up on our blog and readers.

These close-ups are an exploration, we get close-up on the thing that needs our attention. We start to see the tiny details. The cracks. The strength. The beauty.

Close up of my fave shoes. #augustbreak2013

There's power in looking closely.


What do you want to close up on this week?






I'm donating 10% of all sales to my friend's Obliteride…but this is the last week! She rides 50 miles on Saturday! So if you wanted your class purchase to contribute to cancer research, grab it this week.



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