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The View

Dear @craftypod - I just got an email from my mom about  Quilting Happiness (her Christmas gift) : "Thank you for my book.  I started reading it today and couldn't put it down!" In other news, I started paper piecing today, thanks to yours & @thezenofmaki
Blowing my mind. My mother-in-law just put this quilt on our bed. Never seen it before ( in 9.5 yrs of marriage), even though I've heard stories of the quilt they both helped a going-blind church lady finish. Totally hand pieced and hand quilted.  I start
Not too shabby, Day of Holiday Travel. #ohioboundBeginning my Yearly Planning Date with my Chart Your Stars Guide (available only in Starship & Solo Missions). Excited to see what I discover! #mapmakingThe dishes are done, the fridge is cleaned out (& restocked), the tree  is down, the desk is cleaned off, the floors are vacuumed, all too-big clothes & unused doodads  are bagged up for Goodwill. We're ready for you, 2014.

I am so grateful…

  • The holiday traveling is over!
  • The teaching-traveling is about to begin. Hello, San Diego!
  • For new friends.
  • I get to serve the women in my crew, as they stretch beyond their comfort + work through stuff. It's not always pretty, but I'm honored to be a part of it.
  • For an enthusiastic Starship Boarding.
  • For a new year and all the possibility it holds!


The Reads

Since I spent this week reviewing 2013 and planning 2014, I didn't do a lot of reading or internet browsing. I did, however, take a look at my most popular posts of 2013 (that's part of reviewing what worked and bringing it into the New Year!)

In case you missed 'em: 

1. How to ready 100 books in one year.

2. 6 Thoughts on the New Domesticity

3. How to be Awesome

4. How to Decide if You Should Do Something

5. How to Experiment

6. How to Create a Successful Business

7. Get Your Family to Support Your Business

My most-purchased product was…The Starship! (Note: today is the last day to join this quarter!)

My mission is now to use this as data for what you are interested in learning and reading about – so that I can give you more of what you love!

What was your favorite post of the year?

What were your own most popular posts and products?


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