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The view

The best part of handquilting is that you are UNDER A QUILT. #snugly #yearofmaking 43/365Really, very snowed in (that's my car in the bottom right), which I was looking forward to, since I have 50 cupcakes to bake by Saturday (for a wedding). And then we ran out of flour. #dohBinding off Color Affection! (k2, k those 2 sts together) #yearofmaking 40/365I've been wearing my newly-finished Color Affection around the house all day -with bed hair, my dad's old thermal & slipper-boots. #keepinitrealRemember how I was looking for (& couldn't find) motorcycle cupcake toppers? My solution: make my own! With good dark chocolate. #yearofmaking 44/365 #veganThe bride brought me flour, so cupcakes are ON! (I had to hike down to the main road so she wouldn't get stuck.) This is the first of four (dozen).

I am so grateful for…

  • Restful Snow Days (+ giving in to the lazing-around-the-house)
  • the opportunity to help friends create their wedding day (the brownies + motorcycles above are the groom's cake!)
  • a successful and stress-free launch of Pay Yourself
  • Getting to know my smart + clever readers (when you subscribe I send you a personal note, which often leads to great conversations!)


The Good Stuff

This week I started a Pinterest board full of Pay Yourself-related resources. You can find all the great articles, books, and ideas here.

I finished my second Color Affection and I really really love it. I call it Boston Affection, because the gray yarn is Toil + Trouble (Ana's responsible for my last trip to Boston!) and the blue is from Gather Here (my fave Boston yarn shop, bought after teaching there).

I love how Elise Blaha is willing to try new things + crazy ideas for her handmade shop. Her Make29 project is proof that you don't have to do things the way everyone else does.

I've been obsessing over two cat fabrics: Lizzy House's Catnap and Aneela Hooey's Hello Petal. I think I need them both TOGETHER for the ultimate in a cat-lady sewing. A pillow for the couch, perhaps? (Know of another cute, modern, not-too-girly cat fabric? Share it in the comments, please!)

The Wardrobe Architect series by Collette Patterns is rocking my world. As a hater-of-shopping, this is very useful in defining my style (I have a very easy time saying a firm NO to anything I don't love, without being able to articulate why…leaving me with very few clothes. I think this series is going to help. )  A huge thanks to Kim Werker + her newsletter for pointing me towards it!


In case you missed it, Pay Yourself is now open, for only ONE week (it closes next Friday). Read more and sign up here. 

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