Every week is an adventure and I share the view, the path and the finds on Fridays, with an invitation for you to join me. You can find all my adventures here, or follow along via email here.

The view

Happy Spring from Maddie & Buttercup!
I think Buttercup likes me (or having her picture taken). #lambI was asked to donate "those amazing cookies" to a fundraiser. Of course they meant @isachandra's chocolate chocolate chip & ginormous crispy peanut butter. #vegan #nooneknowsHappy REAL First Day of Spring! #baseball #openingdayReason I love baseball season #241: uninterrupted quilting time for me! #yayNeeds ironing, but I couldn't resist laying out my #scrappytripalong. 1/3 done!Just one more row left on my TARDISes (TARDI?) ...and then to find a border for the shawl. Suggestions?Jay jay made the MOST amazing meatballs, from a @nytimes recipe. #omg #vegan

The Path

  • After a lifetime of avoiding working on my quarterly taxes until the very last possible moment (and then remembering it's never as bad as I feared), I think I landed on a solution: Corporate Quarterly Retreats. There's a whole game system in place (leveling up, dance breaks, lots of tea), and I plan to make the retreats even more retreat-y (this time, since I dreamed it up and DID it in the same day, it was just me, the pup, my pjs and lots of breaks). Lesson learned: Find What Works. Don't stop experimenting and playing until you land on a way to do that task painlessless, and with joy.


  • Jay made these meatballs (subbing 1 Tbls of flax mixed with water for each egg) and they were AMAZING (pictured above). Easily the best meatballs ever. We *may* be eating them for every meal….


  • Speaking of life-changing deliciousness, I was asked to donate cookies to a fundraiser at Jay's work. I send over half of all my baked goods off to work with Jay, so that I can maintain a semblance of self-control. These Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies are a favorite and they're great for bake sales because the recipe makes over 3 dozen. (And no one cares that they're dairy-free and egg-free, ie, vegan!)


  • If you want to try dyeing with Easter Eggs (yarn or fiber, or even wool fabric!) NOW is the time to buy the dyes, while they're crazy-on-sale. Years ago I made a video with instructions.  This is a totally safe project to do with kids!
  • I spent most of my week working with map-makers who are plotting a fabulous Quarter 2. I am SO thrilled to see where they're going. (You can make your own map here.)

The Finds


  • I'm completely addicted to You Need a Budget. Read the lessons, get the (free) e-course and then try it! It's really perfect for working with variable income (as we all do) and syncing up with someone else (we both have the apps on our phone and can add transactions on the fly). The stress level in my life has decreased a thousand-fold, just since using it on Tuesday. (I might talk about this more, later, because I have spent years working on my relationship with money.)


  • Diane just opened up her super-helpful course, Monetize Your Craft Blog. If you've got a blog, but don't have a money-making plan (or if your plan isn't working) this class WORKS (lots of my students and clients have raved to me about this class). *


*I'm not an affiliate for any of these projects, but I am friends with Heather and Diane. So, you know, I'm a bit biased…then again, our friendship was predicated on the fact that I already respected their work before we ever met.


What was your adventure this week?


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