Creating your ideal business is kind of simple.

(Not easy, but simple)

You figure out where you are. Right this minute.
And where you want to go. In a realistic time frame.
And then you map out all the things between here and there.

You do that over and over, and there you have it.
You've arrived.

So why don't we all do it?

Why aren't we already where we want to be?

Well, there's a few reasons, but one of the ones us creative-types struggle with is distraction.
We want to do everything. Right now.

And so, because we don't focus, we don't get very far with anything.

This is super-frustrating, right?
And the solution is also kind of simple: you focus. On one thing. Then another.

But if you know this and haven't done it yet, The Map-Making Guide is here to help.


The Map-Making Guide  keeps you focused through this process.

You start exactly where you are (because that's just where you should be!) and you work out where you want to go (friendly questions get you there!).

Then you think through all the in-between stuff (more friendly questions, tips and examples of other businesses, just like yours!).

And finally,  you sit down with your markers, crayons, pens, stickers and scissors and make yourself an actual, physical, visible map.

This is the Guide that got ME there:

Using this process, I quit my day job.
I got all the press I wanted: magazine articles, book interviews, the local newspaper, podcasts.
I wrote (and got a publishing deal) for my first book, in less than one year.
This is the process that I used to craft my independence, to craft a business that fits my life.

The Guide includes:

  • A 14-page PDF  guide that leads you through the map-making process
  • 4 printable worksheets
  • A blank map template (for the truly adventurous)
  • 2 pretty maps for you to start from (FairyLand + CraftyLand)


  • A page of “extras” to cut out, color and add to your map, including game pieces you can move through your map, if you choose to geek out over it.
  • The Get Your Map Made e-course. 5 days of emails that walk you through the map-making, step-by-step. (To help you REALLY crack open the Guide and use it.)


Ready to make your map and start your path?

Choose your adventure! 

Make your map

Get everything in the Map-Making Guide plus the bonuses (including the 6 lesson e-course).
Click here to start map-making: $25

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This is the best thing I’ve done for my business!  I appreciate your insight, the worksheets, and your insistence that this must be done.

-Mary Carol, Azalea Bindery


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