Every week is an Adventure..and this is round-up of the view, the links and the inspiration that made it special. You can see all the adventures here.

The view

Running downtown. #c25k
Running downtown.

Brunch with my honey. The perfect post-Thanksgiving recovery.

Grateful for yarn subscribers who love color as much as I do. #thirtydaysofthanksgiving #instagratitude
Yarn Mail spinning.

Fabric for Quilt #2: washed & ironed. (That's a towel on my kitchen table for an extra-big ironing board.) #quiltsbyChristmas
Secret project.

Grateful for…

This week has just been so full of love and support. From blog posts to tweets, there are so many sweet people I'm thankful for. Here are just a few:

The lovely Xiane, one of the first crafty businesses I met in person, said some lovely things about my work and my new site. Thank you!

Hanna, my favorite art journaler (and she does so much more!), wrote a lovely review of my book. She's giving away a copy right here.

I loved IdeaStorming with Garnet, of Karina Dresses, so I was utterly delighted when he wanted to share the experience with their community.


This week I opened the Starship, and I'm so grateful for the feedback:



How was your week? What are you grateful for?




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