Right now (as you read this, not as I write it), I'm on a plane somewhere over the middle of the country.
Instead of waiting until I can come up with something clever or helpful to say, I'm going to share a bunch of randomness at once (much of which will be useful, I hope!)



  •  Wednesday I wrote for Handmade Success about Defining Your Own Success. This is a huge part of making a map – knowing what YOU really want and giving yourself permission to work towards that (no matter how it might compare to other businesses).  Read it here.


  •  I'll be in San Fransisco (for CCE! yay!) Thursday – Sunday and in Portland Monday – Thursday.  If you're in either town, I would LOVE to meet up and get to know you better (yes, you)!
    Like I said in my interview, every time I meet one of you (readers, crafters, business-builders) I get inspired and creative and have SO MUCH fun. I'd like to do MORE of this, so please, email me (taraATtaraswigerDOTcom) and we'll grab a cup of coffee together.


  •  Because I'll be out of town and hanging out with you, I won't be answering my emails, tweets, facebook messages in anything close to a timely manner. Thanks for your patience!

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