What's your business (or dream of one) look like right this minute?

I've had a great time looking at the maps (like Kristine‘s + Amy‘s) you're making with the Map-Making Guide.

One of the best secret magics (yes, there are several) of the Map-Making Guide is that it makes your business visible.
Not just the path to your next goal (that's obviously part of it), but your entire biz.

Did you draw your map to be a dark + scary forest?
Or a well-lit  hike through the mountains?
Or a fairytale trail to a castle?

You don't need the Map-Making Guide for this

Close your eyes.
Think of your business, as it is right now.
What is it?
A place? A person?
Is it warm or cold? Dark or bright? Friendly or grumpy?

Write down the description or sketch out what you see.

Now, what's your Biz of the Future (your dream! your ideal!) look like?
Is it brighter or more abundant or more colorful or more rested?

What's the difference between the two?
What happened between Right Now and Future Dream to change it like that?

Now you have a pile of useful things about where your business is and where it wants to go!

(If you don't, if you can't see anything, you may want to talk it out.)


In seeing your biz, you'll also see it's stories.

We'll talk about this more next week, but think about it: what story goes along with your map?

(ex. Red Riding Hood being eaten, Rocky overcoming, the Hobbits going home to the Shire, Thor being cast from Asgard)

What can you see that you've been telling yourself about your business and where it is?

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