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Celebration is SO important for the health of your business. In today's episode I cover the big reasons WHY you need to stop and celebrate and also HOW to celebrate (no, it doesn't need to cost money.) If you look back at 2018 and can't remember what went well or how your business did, tune in to make 2019 a better year.

Why Celebration?

The answer is science: Our brains are wired to have a negativity bias. We notice the negative (bad sales day, unmet goals, cranky customers) MORE than the positive. We give negative feedback more mental weight than positive feedback. Which is why it's easy to look at your business and remember what went wrong, but harder to remember what went right.

Making a BIG DEAL and celebrating your successes gives some weight to the positive – it helps you make a memory of the good.

Because here's the thing – one day you are going to feel run-down or overwhelmed or just cranky about your business and when you look back and wonder “should I keep going?”…if you don't have any positive memories (of celebrating good things), you're going to think there's no reason to keep going. You may slow down your business or stop altogether. You'll feel more burnt out.

Celebrating protects against burn out, it protects against negativity bias, and it leads to your success… because success is built on not quitting. Keep going.

How to celebrate?

It helps if you decide when you set a goal how you're going to celebrate the goal.

A few ideas:

  • Tell people! The people who love you and care about you want to celebrate with you! Let them in!
  • Make yourself something you enjoy but don't have often – whether this is a special dinner, dessert, or just take a bubble bath, do something that brings you joy!
  • Invest in yourself or your business – take that class, buy that book, set aside time to plan.

Here's to a celebratory 2019! I'll be celebrating all along the way in my IG Stories, so be sure to join me there!

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