Every week is an adventure. This week's list was prompted by Ali Edward's suggestionYou can find all my adventures here, or follow along via email here.

The bold unfurl carefully. #foundwhilerunning
The peony I've been stalking finally popped! #foundwhilerunning
This one house has dozens of bushes, and it smells divine. #peonylove #foundwhilerunning

Loving peonies

Writing everything I've learned by connecting with readers through email series

Sipping iced coffee with coconut creamer

Matching shoes and skirt

Editing all the ums and ahs, into clarity and zing, turning 20 minute videos into 5 minute videos
Spending the day in my "video studio", aka living room, shooting a Starship-requested class on using automagic email series to connect with readers.


Anticipating my little brother's visit and our week of adventure

Planning a massive house-cleaning in preparation for a week off

Making my first handmade binding


Sewing on my first handmade binding! #soclose


Longing, oddly, to paint. For the first time ever, it just feels like I should be painting.

Hoping to join Flora's class

Bubbling with ideas for my next class with Diane


Join me? 





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