One year ago, I had a crazy idea.

I'm going to share the story with you today, in hopes that it will inspire you to follow your own crazy ideas.

*cue flashback music*

I had spent the day working with clients, answering questions in the Starship, and replying to listeners questions via email. I told my husband, “I feel like everyone has the same questions, and they are all about the same 3-4 things. If they worked through just those things, and found the answers for their own business, they'd be able to answer 90% of their own conundrums. Then they could use something like the Starship or a business mentor to figure out the super-personalized stuff.

It's just so ineffective to talk about this foundational stuff in a personal session. Stuff like, your profit math, finding your right person, how you're using your time. It's vital stuff, but not personalized. I mean, I can ask you 5 questions and YOU come up with the answers, based on your biz.

If people could get a handle on these few things, that would make them feel a zillion times better about their business and prepare them to deal with nearly everything they're ever going to need to do in their business.”

And he said, “Ok, so…you should teach that.”

Well, I kinda already do. I have Pay Yourself, Map Making, Market Yourself….the problem is people jump into, say, marketing, before they know if they're profitable. And it's pretty detrimental to start selling MORE work if you don't even know it'll make more money. And if you do any of it before you know where you wanna go, you're going to go in circles.

And he said, “So put it together, in order. You could do that, right? You've got the technology?”

….I guess…I could figure it out… (This is the start of any business idea. You just decide to see if you could figure it out.)

So I did.

Last December I launched Lift Off, which is 6 months of weekly business lessons, delivered to your inbox.

The lessons walk you through the foundations of your business, in an order that makes sense. You get clear on your Vision and Mission, set goals, get profitable, start sharing your work, and create your own best time management system. It's not (just) facts, it's built on (your) action. You find YOUR goals, YOUR profit margins, YOUR Right People, YOUR most effective workday.

Over the last year, I have been DELIGHTED by the impact Lift Off has had in creative businesses:

I have been following the Lift Off emails and have been doing the homeworks. I wanted to let you know, I have been learning and practicing what you have been teaching, at my pace and it's helping me a lot!  It's great to have this guidance, it helps to confirm some things I already knew, but wasn't sure if they were right or wrong for my business. It feels like walking the path and seeing the sun coming up on the horizon….because I am already having good results!
-Rossana Aponte

“I was completely scattered. I was being pulled into 50 million (or so it seemed) directions because everyone out there had a thing “I should be doing.” Lift Off made me realize, through consistent well thought out weekly lessons, that it’s OK to do what I want to be doing, and to start to form a plan to get my business to be what I want it to be and to do only the things that work for me. And it is working!”
-Karen Whooley

Spending some time this morning on TSLiftOff. It just started and it's already making me feel better about my business!”
-Jen Lucas, on Twitter

Took me a few hours to realize I already have the tools to de-stress, regroup & reorganize around my work thanks to #TSLiftOff!”
-Jennifer Lindroos, on Twitter

(Check out other tweets from the course here and Instagram photos here)


Lift Off is open again, right here:
It closes tomorrow at 7pm EST.


If you would like to make 2016 the year of your business, the year when you are profitable (and know it!), the year when you not only decide on your direction and goals, but go boldly towards them, then be sure to join Lift Off, before it closes.


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