Every day is an adventure. I share the view, the gratitude and the news  on Fridays – you’re invited to join in. You can find all my adventures here, or follow along via email here.

The view

I am so predictable the baristas warm my cup when I walk in.  Ritual: find a chair, write today's list, order coffee: Tall Komodo Dragon (brewed in The Clover) in a mug. And a big ice water. Add a dash of cream + cinnamon.   #taralovesmornings #everyday
You gotta love a downtown with a mountain view.
My go-to travel&teach outfit: @karinadresses wrap & Old Navy flats. (For when I drive for an hour+, teach for 2 hours, then drive home).
Love this quote from @Beverly_army13.  The Starship closes at 4pm EST today, don't hesitate to ask if you've got questions!

I am so grateful for…

  •  Coffee! This week has been a constant battle with my deadlines (and distraction). If I weren't slightly caffeinated, I don't think I'd be nearly finished with my CreativeLIVE class materials. (Here's what I drink at a coffeeshop, or at home)
  • The amazing Starship boarding! I've gotta double-check but I'm fairly certain this is our biggest boarding party ever. Either way, I'm delighted by the smart, clever makers beaming up.


The Finds:

I’m reading:

I’m listening to:

I'm eating: 

  • Butternut Mac. It tastes nothing like mac+cheese, but non-vegans LOVE it. So so good.
  • Tempeh Chili (followed by chili dogs!)
  • Garlicky thyme-y marinated tempeh sandwiches, with roasted red pepper and greens on ciabatta. YUM.
  • Nut granola with almond milk and bueberries.

In case you missed it: 

What adventures have you had?

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