The view

Knitting the TARDIS shawl with the Doctor.
The best thing about having a dog is that, no matter how bad I feel, I'm forced to go outside and watch for bunnies.

On rainy days I survive on soy lattes & colorful accessories.
The cats are bonding over squirrels. (I think. I can't be sure because they refuse to admit their friendship)

A stack of photos, a pile of ticket stubs and one happy Sunday afternoon to put it all together. #projectlife
Packing up monthly yarn mail! (still a few spots left - )

Knitting with the Doctor :: bunny-spotting :: cheering color :: bonding cats :: project life-ing :: packing up Monthly Yarn Mail ::

The Finds

My new class (live next week!) with Kim, is the most exciting thing this week. The class has generated great conversations on Twitter & in my inbox. Join More Than One Thing here.

Can we just agree I'm going to love everything Cairene writes? Her series on why it takes longer than you thought is spot on.

This week's jam is PYT and (my secret shame!) MmmBop. Go on, you know you want to!

Blogsy is my new favorite app; I finished this post on my iPad while waiting.


And just in case…

I've been getting a really stunning amount of interview/writing requests lately. If you blog or think or wonder about crafty businesses and you'd like to ask me questions (or ask me to write about it), get in touch, right here.


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