This week was full-to-bursting with great conversations (with Diane and Brooke, Sarah, and Melissa), welcoming new members into the Starship, and baking for wrestlers. Why yes, most weeks are this weird.

The view
When you're feeling sad or lonely...look over at the cats. #snoringsoloud

The chilly weather made the cats even more adorable than ever.
My video "studio"-pulled from all over the house. Talking to @pressbound live in 15 minutes!

My “video studio” (which is just my living room, rearranged) where I spent most of my week.


Pumpkin Spice Soy Chai + oatmeal.
Homemade Oreos for Jay's road trip  (meanwhile, my sinuses are so stuffed I can't taste them)

Homemade oreos and…
The last item in today's bake-a-thon for @ultramantis : chocolate peanut butter bombs #vegan

Chocolate peanut butter bombs, all made for this guy:
@ultramantis approves of #vegan baked goods (most of what I baked yesterday was for Jays favorite wrestler)

Ultra Mantis, at the wrestling show Jay went to this weekend, enjoying the vegan baked goods I sent him.


The lessons

If you have three video chats scheduled in a week (and thus, have to look presentable and talk clearly three days in a row), you will come down with an old-man cough and get so mad at your bangs that you cut them yourself on Monday morning. Choose to be amused.

If you choose to say yes to the projects that are right, and no to the projects that are not-quite-right, things will work out. Not 2 minutes after hitting send on an email where I said no to a potential new job, I got an email from a Starship member about reaching her goal. All is right with the world, and I know I'm focusing on the right stuff (building your success).

The people I work with are the smartest. Proof: all three entrepreneurs featured in this week's conversations. I looove to talk to people who are getting clearer and more focused, and I am just squealing with delight that our new workbook had something to do with it.

It all proves what I'm always telling you: You know. You know what to do next, you know what to say, you know how to make your business great. You might just need the right questions and the right framing and the right encouragement. If you feel confused right now, find someone to ask you the right questions.  (This is why everything I write is filled with worksheets – it's all aimed at framing the issue for you, then asking you the question so you can get to your right answer).

The finds

Don't have time for marketing? Here's how to make time, on Rena Tom (written by me!)

8 rules for writing  (and making!) from Neil Gaiman

Adorable handmade business card…envelopes!

Elise has convinced me to make quilts for Christmas. Even though my big sewing machine is in storage (it's  a vintage machine, from the 40's, built into a big table that I don't have space for in my tiny house), I'm heading to the fabric store in just a few minutes. I might borrow my mom's machine, or rearrange my whole living room until the sewing machine fits…but this is a quilt-thirst I hafta quench.


What are your adventures this week?


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