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Tools of Titans

What I’m Reading: June 2017

follow my enthusiasm by reading…a lot. And once a month, I share (some of) the books I read last month and the books I intend to read this month. You can join the informal book club by sharing your own list with me on Facebook and find all the posts here.

(The usual disclaimer applies.)

What I read

  • Tools of Titans by Tim Feriss – SUPER big compendium of advice from a million awesome people. I learned a lot and rededicated to some of my best habits.
  • Essential Oils Every Day, by Hope Gillerman –  my new fave book for creating essential oil routines!
  • More than This, by Patrick Ness – fun sci-fi thriller. I wanna read everything by this guy now.
  • Six Four, by Hideo Yokoyama – Japanese thriller, fun, but a really different pace than American novels.
  • Agent to the Stars, by John Scalzi – super funny, weird almost-not-sci fi. I love anything by John Scalzi
  • The End of All Things, by John Scalzi – much more nerdy sci fi than Agent to the Stars and great.

What I’m reading

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  Here’s to another great month of reading!

What I read last June.

And in June 2015, 2014, and 2013!

The Article That Changed the Way I do Business

The article that changed the way I run my creative business. Improve the marketing for your crafty business with these tips!

In 2009 I read an article that totally changed the way I thought about my small business and shaped the way I do… everything in my business and how I make every decision.

Today we're going to talk more about the article I read, how it shaped my decisions, and how you can use the same concepts to grow and improve your creative business.

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