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The Time Management Fallacy

the time management fallacy

You do not need to get better at “managing your time.” You need to take action. This is not about getting more done. It's about spending the time on the things that matter to you (including your business!).

In this episode I'll share

  • Why “time management” is a terrible goal
  • What you should focus on instead.
  • How to stop wasting time
  • Where to find time if you're too busy already



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How to get stuff done – part 2

How to get stuff done part 2

How do you actually get your list of things done?  It’s a balance of knowing what to do and finding the time to do it. This is the third piece of the How to Get Stuff Done series. Find Part 1 here and How I Get Stuff Done here. In this episode, we'll discuss how to find and implement a system and routine that will work for you.

We cover: 

  • The two different kinds of “working time” you need to plan for.
  • My favorite tool for improving focus.
  • How to make each working session productive and efficient.

Want guidance and worksheets so that you'll finally actually make a system that works for you? Join us for Wrangle Your Time, where you'll learn how to put together a system that works for you.

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