Create a workday you'll love, no matter how much time you (don't) have.

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Are you totally frustrated that there's never enough time?
Are you struggling to find the balance between “studio time” and “admin time”?

If you know what you want to do, but have trouble getting it done or balancing it all, you're not alone. I hear from makers every week who are struggling to “manage their time”. You don't have the time – you're busy with your family, job, life. When you do have time, you're not sure what to spend it on: making or marketing? You feel overwhelmed by all the options…and that overwhelm leads to unproductive, wasted time.

No, I can't make more hours in the day, but we can make this easier. It's not enough to know what other people do – you need to create a system that actually works for you. It doesn't need to be elaborate, but it does need to capture your ideas, remind you of deadlines, and provide you with specific times to work on your big vision.

Wrangle Your Time is a step-by-step process that will help you create that system – your system. You will:

  • Learn when you work best.
  • Discover what you should be spending your time on.
  • Create a way to track all the many, many things you want to do in your business.
  • Develop a workday (no matter how small or big) that works for your real life.


This class is only available to Starship Program graduates, who stay aboard the Community. Learn more in this free masterclass: 

Every Monday for three weeks you will receive a new lesson via email.
Each lesson includes:

  • An audio lesson
  • Enhanced transcript of the lesson (if you'd rather read than listen)
  • 2-3 worksheets, to ensure that you create a time system that works for you


After class is complete, I'll send you a beautiful workbook of all the worksheets and lessons (so you can revisit it again and again!). You'll also get $100 off the Starship or Lift Off when it reopens. If you've been wanting to check them out, this class is a great taste of what you'll get inside.

The Lessons

Get Real.
Discover what you need to get done and what's been getting in your way. Identify the workday you have, so you can work with what's working.

Find the time.
Learn to make productivity a habit. Set aside a time to do the work and discover three ways to make more of the (limited) time you have.

 Make it happen. 
Put it all together and create a plan that works for you. Find a solution for keeping track of all you need to do, figure out when you can work, and set aside the time for it. This lesson is full of resources that have worked for others and quiz to help you find one that will work for you!



“Just finished Pricing 101 and am currently riding the high you feel when you learn something new and apply it to your life. : ) I have diligently sat down and written my goals for the week/day and what time of day I need to focus on them. Going to bed at night knowing what I need to get done for the next day has helped me get better rest. I know now what I can fit into my schedule and what I can't”




This class is only available to Starship Program graduates, who stay aboard the Community. Learn more in this free masterclass: 


 I’m Tara Swiger…

Eight years ago I started selling my handmade yarn and over the course of 3 years, while working nights and weekends, I grew that tiny yarn business until it replaced my day job salary. In the 6 years since, I’ve helped hundreds of makers get their work done. From designers with kids to sewists who work full time, I want to help you craft a business that fits your life. I’ve taught with CreativeLIVE, TNNA, small business centers, community colleges and arts councils. My mission (and passion!) is helping makers feel great while sharing their art with the world.



Tara is a gentle guide through material that can be very hard. Hearing her explain it and having that in your head can make a world of difference in getting through it. She shows you how to make it work that you can actually do.

-Jill Wolcott, after Craft Your Marketing


Got questions?

Is this for me?

I know! It can hard to decide! If the class is a good fit, here’s a few things that are true for you:

  • You struggle to find time to work on your creative business (or dream).
  • You're frustrated with trying to balance all the aspects of your business: making, marketing and admin.
  • You have a list of things you really want to do, but find yourself NOT doing them.
  • You sell something close to your heart: either a handmade product, your teaching, your writing, your art, or your thoughts.
  • You are ready to think hard and put in the work to consistently work on your dream.
  • You’re a curious explorer. You’d love for this to be a fascinating adventure, not a boring slog. You’re ready to learn + move forward, not judge or guilt-ify the past.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you change your mind before class begins (May 4th), just email me ( and ask for a refund – you will receive a full refund. Once class begins, refunds will be given (100%), after you prove you did all of the homework. Just email us your filled out worksheets and I'll refund you within 24 hours.

But remember: if you don't do the work, the class won't work for you.
Before you buy, please read the above page carefully and decide if you have the time to commit. If you have questions, email me. Don’t buy until you’re ready to commit. 

Not sure if you’re going to LOVE it?
Spend some time exploring my articles, listening to my podcast, and reading my weekly lessons, all of which are free. If you feel a tractor beam of attraction, then you’ll love the class. If you don’t, breathe easy and keep working on your own thing.

I still have questions!
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