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Happiness and Radical Responsibility

Happiness isn’t something that “just happens.” You have the power to change your mindset, and spend more of your time feeling happy. Learn how to shift your perspective, and why happiness is essential to success in your creative biz at TaraSwiger.com/podcast167

Let’s talk more about happiness and work – how to shift your perceptions, so that you can get more done.

A grumpy person doesn't get much work done. A person who is focused on all the reasons something WON'T work doesn't make much progress towards making it work. The good news is: you're in charge of this.

You are responsible for your perception and your attitude. And that, in turn, affects how smart and hard you work, and that affects your results.

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Reframe it: A Podcast

Reframe: a podcast

One of my most-used tools with clients is the simple reframe. When you're feeling stuck or disappointed in your creative business, taking a moment to look at the situation from another point of view can help you see possibilities and opportunities.

As much as we'd like business to be a series of logical decisions, the fact is we get distracted, disappointed, and doubt creeps in. In order to stop ourselves from giving up too soon, or jumping around too much, we can take a moment to reframe the situation by asking one of these questions:

  • What else is true?*
  • Is there another way?

*Hat tip to Havi for teaching me this question.

Reframing the situation by asking these questions allows us to look at the situation from another perspective. From this perspective, we can find a solution or create a new plan. From there, you can take action.

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Your turn!

What is one situation in your business where you feel stuck?
Reframe it!
Now, what's one action you can take, from this new perspective? Leave a comment below sharing the action you'll take this week.