I'm probably a little obsessed with the hilarity of Kelly Parkinson. I mention her in nearly every Good Shtuff. But it's really good! Especially, this on How to dance (when dancing = marketing).


Jay, the house comic nerd, wants me to link to this post about what small businesses can learn from comics. Good shtuff!


I've been thinking a lot about time + planning, so the new book by Zen Habits about Focus has perfect timing. Haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
A big thanks to @joyfulmess for telling me more about it in this interview.


We had a special BONUS class for the early-birds of Holiday Sanity. The post-class chat was amazing. The program's already so full of smart, helpful creatives that I can not wait to see who joins this week. If you need some Holiday Sanity, you can join us here.


Speaking of smart and helpful, I am so excited to have Kirsty Hall as a guest teacher in a class about building a business Within Your Limits. As an entrepreneur and artist and mother with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she has bunches to share about honoring your limits + building a sustainable business. You can get all the details and watch an adorable video of Kirsty here.



This has nothing to do with business, I just thought I should tell you that I'm totally addicted to making teeny tiny crocheted things.

A pirate duck, for Havi + Selma

I've already agreed to make a ninja for my web ninja and a typewriter for my Kyeli + Amy. And a dog to match my dog.
(Oh, that's so ridiculous I can't believe I just confessed it.)
I'll be sharing patterns and inspirations tomorrow at Blonde Chicken Boutique in case you are similarly obsessed.

What have you been obsessed with this week?
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  • Eeeeeeeee! An amigurumi typewriter! I am dancing around my house with glee and happy and antici……………pation. (;

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Luckily I watched the Glee Rocky Horror episode or I wouldn’t have
    gotten that….can you believe I’ve never watched the movie? Shocking, I

  • Great blog post! Thanks for the backlink!

    – AC of Search Influence

  • OMG! Dog dog! That’s not ridiculous, that’s AWESOME.

    Also, the glee of typewriterly awesome is pretty darn gleeful, though now I’m going to have to go buy some sort of artist-ish one to match it. You really could rule the world making these things!

  • Anonymous

    What kind of artist-ish amigurumi shall we create? Paintbrush? Canvas?
    OH MY GOODNESS. I could crochet a blank canvas and you could embroider/paint
    on it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for writing a link-worthy post! I love thinking about marketing in new ways.