The CraftyBiz Kitchen is closing to new registrants.

I debated whether I should go into the whys of it all or just give you a quick heads-up. But even if you have no interest in signing up, these why-I-do-what-I-do posts may help you in your own biz.


I love the people I have in it. It's not a large group and I've talked to everybody one-on-one and gotten to know them and their businesses. I've created classes to answer their specific questions.

It feels like just the right size to start experimenting.


When inspiration hit, the CraftyBiz Kitchen came to me fully-formed: I knew exactly what I offer and exactly who it would help.
It would be 2 classes a month, some one-on-one help, and a regular checking in to see what was needed. A kitchen for us craftybiz types to hang out in while we baked up tasty businesses, drank coffee and shared.

It would provide me with a group of dedicated learnes who could tell me what their businesses needed.

It would provide crafters with targeted classes, help and inspiration to keep working at it.

But I knew that I don't know what I don't know.
That  there would be needs or questions or ideas for ways to improve the Kitchen that I couldn't yet imagined. So I warned (right on the sales page!) that things would be experimental.
I left myself room to play and experiment and ask questions.

A safe place to experiment

Experimenting + play requires a safe place. I want to be ultra-sure that everyone gets everything that they sign up for.
Everyone  in the Kitchen gets a full month warning before anything changes, so they have time to think about it and cancel their subscription (or stick around).

Better still, everyone who's in the Kitchen gets to choose what the Kitchen becomes.

To create this safe place, I've decided to close the Kitchen to new bakers. After 9/1, I'll have my core group of guinea pigs bakers.
These bakers will vote on what they want to see me add. And for the month of September, they will get everything they signed up for PLUS a bunch of new stuff.

At the end of the month, we'll see what was the most popular new thing and make that part of the Kitchen for October. We'll get rid of the stuff that's not working (but again, with plenty of time to decide if you want to stick around for it).

Play time

We'll be in this state of play for as long as it takes. We'll add stuff, get rid of old stuff, add more stuff until we have something that makes the Kitchen sing both for the Bakers +  for me.

At that point, once we have a Kitchen we all adore, I'll open it up for more Bakers.
Maye mid-October, maybe January. No matter what, it's sure to be worth more (and cost more), because I will know, for sure, that it's exactly what crafty business-bakers really want.

Wanna play?

If you want to join us for the play + experiments (and get far more than I promise here), join us! Just do it  today. Or tomorrow. Or don't.
Either way, I adore you and your crafty business!

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