Here’s a round-up of what I saw, did, and read this month! Follow my Instagram Stories for in-the-moment photos + videos. You can find years of Adventures here.

The News:

  • I just started a kind of biz-focused Advent series on Instagram. Be sure you're following me to get #24daysofbizjoy!
  • The Starship opens next week! Sign up here to learn more and get first access to the spots!
  • I'm teaching some big classes at the TNNA Winter Show, including one before the show (perfect for vendors). Find it all here. 
  • I left some books with Joeli + she's shipping them for me! If you're in the UK and you want my book, shipping has never been more affordable! Grab it here! 

The View



I am so grateful for…

  • An AMAZING trip to the UK.
  • The supportive, honest community in the Starship. It's become a place we can talk about anxiety, depression, and massive biz growth.
  • Twinkly lights!
  • My Holiday Sanity playlist

The Finds:

I’m reading:

I'm listening to: 

I'm eating: 

  • This peanut curry is in heavy rotation when we don't have a lot of time.
  • And Daiya Mac 
  • I shared my entire Thanksgiving menu (with links!), with my Patrons. You can join them (and get a holiday card!) right here.
  • I discovered mincemeat pies in England and ate a million of them. DO tell me (on Twitter or Facebook!) if you know where I can get them here in the States?

What did you read, listen to and eat last month? Come tell me on Facebook!

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