cutest driving companion ever

This isn't what I was going to write about today.

But it's the first day of the new month.
And spring is coming.
And this morning I read Leonie's Guide to Wild Donkey Secret Productivity and Tara's Get Started + Fail post and well, I'm thinking about getting things done.

Or rather, how I get them done.

Leonie and Tara pretty much summed it up: when I have an idea, I ride it.
I work it.
I take all the creative energy and I just give in to that part of the cycle.
And (just as importantly!) when I'm done, I rest. I do nothing. I putter and sip tea and recover.

But the part that they both left out is that I am always always keeping track of every stray idea.
Writing down.
Listing, scratching, gently non-planning.
(More on this later this week)

And reassessing.

Every once in a while (like the beginning of a new month?) I go back through and reassess. What's a real idea and what waits for later? Did the donkey I rode in on get me where I want to be? Or do I want to go elsewhere?

What's the big picture?

So today, on this most lovely of new months, let's take a look at what 2011 has been so far:

What steps have you taken towards your Big Dream for this year?

What has improved?

What important thing have you forgotten about?

What is most exciting to you this very moment?


Feel free to answer in the comments or in your journal or on the Facebook page. I'll be sharing my answers in the coming week.


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