On today's podcast I'm interviewing yarn store owner and Craft Wars veteran Esther Hall. Listen in at TaraSwiger.com/podcast96/

At Midwest Craft Con, I was delighted to meet Esther Hall, owner of Yarn It and Dash in Columbus. After about 5 minutes of talking to her, I blurted, “Oh my goodness, my listeners would loooove to meet you! Can I interview you for my podcast?”

After teaching all day, we snuck into the “trade show” space, set up my phone, turned on Periscope, and started recording.

We discussed: 

  • What it was like to be on TLC's Craft Wars (with Tori Spelling! Ahh!)
  • How she researched and put together a business plan for her yarn shop (there is so much to learn here!)
  • How she chooses indie vendors to work with

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