…well, they don't always turn out as well as the yarn.

This bread, following Amanda's WHO Bread recipe, ended up a bitflat. We fed it to the birds and went without bread this weekend. When my confidence picks back up, I'll try again. Any idea why it wouldn't rise and would stay so doughy on the inside?

Last week I got a yearning for flannel pants. In full disclosure, I live in flannel pants. Everyday, after work, I come home from the office and put on a pair of flannel pants. For the last 2 years, I have had 2 pairs, gifts from my in-laws that were BRIGHT orange plaid. Not attractive, but very comfortable. The last few months had been hard on the pants and they were holey in some, uh, unholy places. Last Thursday, while packing to go out of town, I decided to sew some new pants. Out came a pattern, old flannel sheets and my scissors.
I'm pretty happy with the pants, except for one thing, barely noticable in the picture: I laid the front pattern piece down upside down and so the wrong side of the fabric is showing on the front of my pants and the right side is showing on the back. Make sense?

Yeah, me neither. But no matter: they're comfortable!

More successfully, I covered a never-used throw pillow with some on-sale Amy Butler fabric. (I got the fabric from this shop, they have a huge pile of “bolt-ends for just a dollar or two)
Finally – Success!

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  1. niobecyane
    March 18, 2008 at 8:01 pm (13 years ago)

    My guess is that your yeast had already expired or that you unknowingly killed the yeast with water that was just a little too hot (they’re sensitive to heat).

    Next time, try instant yeast aka rapid-rise yeast aka bread machine yeast. You add it in with the flour instead of mixing it with warm water and sugar first. I buy mine in small jars and store it in the freezer…where it theoretically would last a year, but I use it up much sooner than that.

    By the way, this is your recent yarn customer Amelia. I have a photo of the hat I knit with your Banana Fana Fo Fana here. 🙂