I wrote you a letter.

Well, maybe it's for you.
But I don't know yet!


Sometimes, when I'm working on sharing a thing, I write a letter. Sometimes the letter is to the THING (like, to a specific class) and sometimes it's to a person; the Person the Thing is for (like, to an IdeaStormer).
This is a super-useful practice I learned from Havi.

This morning (ok, it was 3am, I was awake with this crazy idea), I  realized that I have time to do three IdeaStorming sessions live, face to face, when I'm in New York City.

I've never done an in-person session (although I've taught hundreds of live knitting lessons), and I got SO excited thinking about how awesome it would be to do my favorite thing with the Person right there.

I got all atwitter and couldn't get my thoughts clear, so I wrote this letter. I wrote it as if you scheduled a session and I am welcoming you, telling you a little about what you can expect.

I don't usually share these letters (I wrote it in my journal, as you can see from the pictures), but I just feel like it today.

If the letter is meant for you, I hope you love it.



Hello! I am SO excited to get to IdeaStorm with you!

Did you know that IdeaStorming is my MOST favorite part of my work?

It's true! I adore thinking about another business (or a yet-to-be-hatched business) and looking at all the ways it could grow.

And this isn't empty gushing.
IdeaStorming is my Great Work.
It's the thing that makes my heart sing.
It's the work that everything has been leading to.

My ideal day has an IdeaStorming session, as the first work I do.
My dream job is a day full of writing and IdeaStorming.


And you! You, my darling crafter!
You are full of possibilities.

You may be a little confused now…or a little overwhelmed.

But that's ok.
Because I can see clearly.
See your strengths, see your path and see your success.

I have hope.
Clear, unfettered, feathery hope.

For you.
For your craft.
For our work together.

Restricting that hope or trying to ignore it…I've tried that.
And it made me small, constricted, hesitant.

Letting that hope out of the cage; it freed me, inspired me, stretched me.
In a delightful, delirious way.

That's why I'm writing you, darling crafter, to let you know that I have a table at a cafe.
There's a seat for you, for me and one for Hope. I'm saving our seats, delighted to have you join us.

Here's how it works: you bring your baby business, with all its uncertainties and worries.
I'll bring Hope and clarity and the space for us to play.


See you soon!
Maybe in NYC?


PS. If this isn't the time for you, I understand. Know that I'm here, with basketfull of hope muffins and a thermos of clarity (on the blog, for free) that you're welcome to.


And that's it!

I have no idea what “clear, unfettered, feathery hope” is, but I like it!

If the letter was written to you, you can get an IdeaStorming session right here. If you want to have it face-to-face in NYC, the weekend of 9/24, I'll email you (after you buy it) and we'll  figure out the details!

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