Here's a round-up of what I saw, did, and read this month!

The News:

I applied for my passport this month! Squeee! All in preparation for my UK events in November. If you want to take a business class and you're anywhere near Manchester, England, join Joeli and I for our two day-long workshops. (There are limited spots, so register now!)

The view

2016-06-03 14.39.37
2016-06-21 11.17.48 2016-06-19 20.05.05 2016-06-19 09.26.42 2016-06-19 07.06.41-1 2016-06-11 12.06.28
2016-05-31 12.02.37

2016-06-22 11.07.11

I am so grateful for…

  • My daily walk
  • New quilting obsession
  • Fantastic + smart Starship Captains

The Finds:

I’m reading:

I’m eating:


How about you? What went well in your month?

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