Every day is an adventure. I share the view, the gratitude and the news  on Fridays – you’re invited to join in. You can find all my adventures here, or follow along via email here.

The view

Reading while knitting...with a book stitch marker. (Marker from @mistydot's #drwho kit, yarn from @cephalopodyarns)   #knitting #booksofinstagram
Saying goodbye (for the season) to the rose bush I've been stalking. Rose seems indifferent to me, frost.    #foundwhilerunning    Song of the Run: Fancy by Izzy Azalea

Ahh! @kpwerker's book arrived and I can't put it down! I'm not even through the Introduction and already there's Buffy & "you're not alone" (my fave message!) & I'm pretty sure a Princess Bride reference. #mostlydead    (It's also undeniably delightful to
My next-up project bowl. All the details in the newest episode of #handmadepodcast, brand new at http://HandmadePodcast.com
It is a very bright day, and we glow. #bristolrhythm


I am so grateful for…

  • The opportunity to see a few of our favorite bands in person at Bristol Rhythm and Roots – Jeff Tweedy, Sturgill Simpson and St Paul and the Broken Bones.
  • One of the best performances I've ever seen: St Paul and the Broken Bones. Seriously amazing.
  • A humblingly, surprisingly awesome Starship boarding.
  • The sparks of a new opportunity, and the bravery to pursue it.
  • My running playlist

The Finds:

I’m reading:

  • Kim's Make it Mignty Ugly. LOVE it.
  • This great post on…a shoe by Elise. This is exactly how I think about pieces of my wardrobe (my shoes, my purse, a few dresses) – the part of my life they've experienced and clothed me for.

I’m eating: 

In case you missed it: 

What adventures have you had?