This morning I was delighted to open my email and read the following declaration from new Starship Cadet, D. Frost. With her permission, I share it here, in hopes that it inspires you to declare what you really want, in your business and life:


I declare my independence from the thoughts that weigh me down.

From the doubts, limitations, & labels I put upon myself.

From the opinions & expectations of others.

The ideas I have that hold me back are not who I am, not part of what makes me ME.

They are just tourists I've allowed into my picture of the world, & they no longer serve me.

I am free from fear, from doubt, from desperation.

I am free to hear the call of my inner voice, free to walk the path that feels right to me.

I am free to laugh & wonder & admire & create.

I am free to love myself & honor what I feel is true & good.

I am free to appreciate all the wrinkles & folds of the universe, without resorting to old reactions to unexpected situations. Free to tread the fine line between creation & chaos. Free to tumble, to make mistakes, to absolve myself the not-so-unforgivable sins of temporary failures.

I am free to differentiate my self-worth from my financial worth, & my personal success from my monetary gain. I am free to hold myself apart from the convention, “The more you do, the more you're worth.” I am free to trust my heart, & free to reject any idea that conflicts with what I want for myself.

Above all, I am free to not know all the answers right away. I am free to linger in the void, where creation burgeons fresh each moment, & nothing is trite, prepackaged, or stale. I am free to submit to the unknown, to allow new ideas to flower, new answers to form, & new opportunities to emerge.

I am free to become whatever I want to be.



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