This is a regular-ish thing, where I answer your questions about an upcoming class. I hope it help you decide if the class is right for you (and if it’s not, I hope the questions/answers spark something for ya.)

Today we're talking about benefits, baby. Or the Why Would Anyone Buy THIS class. It's next Tuesday and you can get it right here.

Will it help people who are more performing artists than fiber artists? Because I could sure use the help.

-Jenny Ryan, AKA Cranky Fibro Girl

Indeed! We're calling it Why Would Anyone Buy THIS?, because that's the question EVERY sell-of-something needs to answer. Catherine's going to teach us how to find the benefit in the thing we're selling and then how to clearly communicate those benefits to our people.

The class will be especially helpful who have a thing that's hard to see the benefit for other people: art, humor, writing from your soul.

Is it about you? Or them?

We all know that creating is deeply enriching for you. It gives you expression, freedom, a place in the world.

The making is about you.
The selling, the sharing, it's about them.
Your Right People.

As long as your thinking about why you create, you won't be able to focus on why they buy.

Focus on them

Because your Right People are looking for the thing that is right for them.
They love getting to know you, they love seeing your process, they love connecting.

But when its time to hand over their dough, they want to know:

Is this right for ME?
Does it fill my need?
Does it fulfill my desires?

If you look at those questions and think, “Uh, I don't know that it does fulfill anything…“, then you totally want to take this class.

Because your thing does fulfill a need or desire, for someone.

You, doing your thing will touch, reach, inspire someone else.
And that someone else needs you to explain how your thing is going to touch or reach or inspire them. In fact, they want you to explain it to them.


Learning to recognize the benefits of your thing and communicating it your customers, helps them know your thing is right for them (or not!).

But the bonus? It also helps you remember (and express) that your thing is awesome. It is exactly what someone wants.

Sharing your thing is sharing your awesomeness.
And the world needs more awesomeness.

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