And by bra, I mean support.

(Although we don't all always wear bras, isn't it a better metaphor than…athletic supporter? Yes, I thought so)

Starting with a few moments of The Declaration of You (#tdoybook) to spark today's writing. Delighted to find my pal @leonie_dawson  inside!  Great choice, @whenigrowupcoach @jessicaswift!

I've been thinking about support lately, and it seems to be in the air. Last week I put aside a whole workday morning to read and take notes on Leonie's handbook for hiring a team to support you. I'm in the process of bringing in some extra help (more on that later) and I wanted Leonie's take on it.

And then, with lovely serendipity, Leonie started writing about her team on your blog (here & here), a Starship Captain started offering her own support services…and it got some Captains asking –

Does my business needs more support?

The answer is, every time, yes.

But not every business needs the same kind of support. There are so many ways to get support in your business – free or paid, temporary or permanent, deep or surface.

So, yes, your business (and you!) probably need more support than you have right now. Here's a (partial) list of where you might gather support.

Your fellow business explorers
Your community of buyers
A team of professionals that work in your business

The support you need might be:


Over the next few days, we'll talk about how to get support from each of these in more detail. Before we dig deeper, start thinking about it…


Where could your adventure use more support? Where could you find it?

PS. If you're thinking about hiring support for your business, Leonie is doing a live Q+A for members of her Academy. I'm a member (& affiliate) and I love the resources inside (I never use the forum and still get tons out of it), so I heartily recommend joining and asking her questions!


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