Hello and welcome! I'm Tara Swiger and I help makers and artists create sustainable businesses through teaching biz foundations and confidence and mindset tools. I do that through my podcasts, workshops online and around the world, and the tools I offer: books, online community and essential oils.

My podcasts are Explore Your Enthusiasm, which is weekly lessons on how to build your business and comes out every Wednesday, and Essential Enthusiasm, which is a weekly conversation about how to take care of yourself and your emotional wellbeing, so you can do the work you want to do, it comes out every Friday.

The principles of what we do here:
1. You are your most valuable resource – so take care of your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.
2. Your enthusiasm is your best business advisor. You won't go wrong if you follow it.
3. After you learn the foundations of your business: profitability, marketing message and a workday that works for you, everything after that is about experimenting. Your business is an experiment and no one can tell you what will definitely work.
4. Trusting yourself is the key to loving your business.

Find out more about me here at TaraSwiger.com or follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/taraswiger.

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