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The Adventures

Every week is an adventure and this is the view, the path and the finds that made this one special. You can find all my adventures here, or follow along via email here.

The view

Our baby girl had her first lamb! Here he is, just 8 hours old!
A new lamb on Mom's farm! YAY!

Napping partners.
A lovely Sunday evening: tea, embroidery, and West Wing.
My newest project, a tea-towel (PS. You can get this pattern for 1/2 off!)

"Ran" (part of) a local 5k course, through a gorgeous neighborhood, with these cute arrows. Longest running interval yet (a whopping 2.5 minutes).
Checking out a local 5k course, through a beautiful neighborhood

Haircut! #yay
I got a haircut!

The path

I'm gobsmacked by the reaction to my How to Read 100 Books in One Year post! I'm so glad to have met so many of you and gotten your recommendations! I am doubly happy that a random idea is turning into such a lovely book club! If you're “in” the book club (to be “in” – just read the books!) you might like this TED talk by Ben Zander, author of Art of Possibility. (Thanks to the readers who pointed it out to me!)

The Starship opens to new members in 2 weeks. This week I got a pile of emails asking about it, so I wanted to let you know! If you're even flirting with the idea of beaming aboard this quarter, do sign up to hear the stories of current captains. They share their best business lessons (useful whether you join or not) and you'll get a good feel for what you can expect. Totally free, daringly honest, right here.

The finds

It's not easy to ask. Asking makes you vulnerable.”

If you don't like to ask for the sale, or ask for money, watch this:

via Kim Werker


Another thing that's not easy? Dealing with fear + mean comments. Here's a GREAT video on how to handle it:

via BrainPicker


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I am (oh-so-slowly) taking up running. I tried the Couch to 5K program (I used an app) and really loved it for the first 3 weeks…and then I just couldn't seem to move forward with it. I don't know if it's the weather or the structure of the app…but I knew that if I'm going to run a 5K this spring (one of my 2013 goals!) I need a different kind of structure. And then I realized: The structure of the Starship has helped me and other explorers move forward on our goals…maybe I just need a version of this for my running? Something with specific lessons and check-in times and a community? And then I remembered, Alex Franzen had linked, long ago, to Up and Running! It's exactly what I was looking for and it started this week and I LOVE IT. I think you've got a few more days to join, if you'd like to!


What was your adventure this week?

The Holiday Adventures

Every week is an Adventure..and this is round-up of the view, the links and the inspiration that made it special. You can see all the adventures here.

The View

Beau's new fave spot- the back of the couch, over my shoulder.

Four strips down, 7 to go! #quiltsbychristmas

And now... I have days of this ahead of me. #handquilting #quiltsbychristmas

Still life from a handquilting afternoon.

The finds


  • The Internet blew up over Instagram's new Terms of Service. Here's the scary way of looking at it…and here's the less-scary way of interpreting it (short version: YouTube + Twitter have nearly identical language). I'll be on Instagram for the near future, but I'm also on Flickr if you've moved there (with their new app, I'll be more involved in commenting, fo sho.)



  • This video is my favorite thing of the week, for thinking about how I want to work in the New Year.



And with that, I'm offline (except for welcoming new Starship Captains aboard) until the new year.

Speaking of, the Starship closes January 3rd. If you're curious, sign up here to learn more about who the Starship is for, and to get to know a few of the members. And if you're hoping to get my book or any support for your biz for a holiday gift? Here's a template for asking.