Every day is an adventure. I share the view, the gratitude and the news  on Fridays – you’re invited to join in. You can find all my adventures here, or follow along via email here.

The view

Beau knows what comes after a workout: PEANUT BUTTER shake.   #priorities
We stand in amazement at Troy's pizza skillz. #lilbros #notsolittle
Knitting socks with Teddy (& @mistydot). We're working on something great. Announcement soon!
Sooo excited to announce my newest, just-for-fun project: a crafty video podcast with @mistydot! We're talking knitting, dyeing, spinning, quilting and taking you with us to yarn shops & fiber festivals!  1 episode up with a new episode coming tomorrow &
Buying interfacing for @craftypod's T-shirt quilting class on @creativelive (tomorrow!) but Hancock's doesn't  make it easy.

I am so grateful for…

  • New projects
  • Big ideas
  • Making messy art
  • Letting go


The Finds:

I’m doing:

I'm quilting along with Diane yesterday and today – turning my old t-shirts into something snuggly! It's free to watch live, so join us here!

I’m eating: 

  • Pad Thai
  • Homemade pizzas! (Because someone always asks: Daiya mozzarella melts pretty well, but I'd rather skip the fake cheese and add LOTS of pesto)
  • Samosa Pot Pie from Bake + Destroy

In case you missed it: 

What adventures have you had?