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4 steps to make your dream more do-able

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Whenever I talk to makers about their goals, I hear the same frustration over and over:

I'm great at setting goals…but never seem to succeed with STICKING with them.”

In my CreativeLIVE class, we spent the whole third day translating your marketing and your dreams into a do-able plan, that will take you towards your true goals (and not just what you think you should do.

In the above video snippet, I share 4 actionable tips for making your goals more do-able. 
1. Get Super Specific
2. Recognize the support you have + the support you need
3. Keep it in line with your North Star
4. Be Flexible

If you want to get clear on your marketing and how they shape your dreams, you can buy the entire class (and watch a few more sneak peeks), right here: http://cr8.lv/taraswigerclyt

Dedicate + Release: the balance of map-making


This week we're map-making – breaking down a destination (place we want to get to) into doable to-dos, and I'm sensing the tension between single-minded focus and going-with-the-flow. So let's talk about how to hold the tension, without falling into the what-about-this? swirl.

Once you have a destination + a map:

Commit yourself.
Be dedicated.
Go all in.
Do everything it takes to figure out how, specifically, you could get there.
Be willing to do whatever it takes (with integrity) to get there.

If you can't imagine giving it your all, take a break, step back. Locate your enthusiasm. And create a destination around THAT.

(If you can't find any enthusiasm, honey, you need to take a break. Rest, read, sip tea, snuggle…and then when you feel energized come back to this.)


From your whole-hearted dedicated space, remember:

The destination does not define you.
It doesn't indicate your worth.
Reaching it will not (necessarily) make you better, smarter, richer.
Reaching it or not reaching it doesn't matter nearly as much as dedicating yourself to a direction and then moving with intentional action to it, day after day.

It's not about the destination, it's about identifying what you want and how you could get there.*

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As Danielle LaPorte puts it, “Want it with all your heart, but don't be attached to getting it.”

So why bother?
Because you'll never get anywhere without a dedicated, doable plan. It's not that you have to complete the map, exactly as you imagine it. It's that you learn as you go…and a map tells you how to start going.


The power of your own map is twofold:

1. It forces you to prioritize. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest? No,that's no longer the question. The question is: what actions will get you closer to your destination?
2. You learn by doing. Your map provides a list of things for you to try and experiment with.

And that's where all the learning, growing (even making money) happens:

Do something towards the destination.
Pay attention to what works.
Note what doesn't work (or feels bad/exhausting/overwhelming).

Without the destination in mind, you wouldn't know what to try. But if you stay too attached to getting it, you don't learn the lessons that come with adjusting.*

It's true! All that adjusting might result in:

Not reaching your destination.
Deciding you don't want to go to that destination.
Bypassing that destination in pursuit of a new, better-suited-to-you destination.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”
-Bruce Lee



What's your destination for this quarter? What has it taught you about getting there?


*It can be hard to take a break to reassess and adjust. That's why I built it into the Solo Mission – so you don't have to remember it on your own. 





cutest driving companion ever

This isn't what I was going to write about today.

But it's the first day of the new month.
And spring is coming.
And this morning I read Leonie's Guide to Wild Donkey Secret Productivity and Tara's Get Started + Fail post and well, I'm thinking about getting things done.

Or rather, how I get them done.

Leonie and Tara pretty much summed it up: when I have an idea, I ride it.
I work it.
I take all the creative energy and I just give in to that part of the cycle.
And (just as importantly!) when I'm done, I rest. I do nothing. I putter and sip tea and recover.

But the part that they both left out is that I am always always keeping track of every stray idea.
Writing down.
Listing, scratching, gently non-planning.
(More on this later this week)

And reassessing.

Every once in a while (like the beginning of a new month?) I go back through and reassess. What's a real idea and what waits for later? Did the donkey I rode in on get me where I want to be? Or do I want to go elsewhere?

What's the big picture?

So today, on this most lovely of new months, let's take a look at what 2011 has been so far:

What steps have you taken towards your Big Dream for this year?

What has improved?

What important thing have you forgotten about?

What is most exciting to you this very moment?


Feel free to answer in the comments or in your journal or on the Facebook page. I'll be sharing my answers in the coming week.


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