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The Adventures – July 2016


Here's a round-up of what I saw, did, and read this month! Follow me on SnapChat for in-the-moment photos + videos!

The News:

  • I'm teaching a full-day marketing workshop for yarn-y people, in collaboration with a yarn rep/store owner this month! Join us here.
  • If you're in the UK, check the only biz-focused workshops I'll be holding during my tour in November! Join before spots fill up! 

The view

IMG_0225 IMG_0212 IMG_0185 IMG_0170 IMG_0139 IMG_0102 IMG_0049

I am so grateful for…

  • Good books
  • An amazing team (thanks Jess + Jay!) that makes things happen even when I can't
  • A quick trip to the beach, before my teaching gig

The Finds:

I’m reading:

I’m eating:

  • Homemade corn dogs – so simple and cute! Take cornbread muffins + pop in a bit of (vegan) hot dog: homemade corn pups!
  • ALL of the basil pesto (I don't measure it anymore, but this is the basic idea)
  • Blueberry pancakes topped with blueberry syrup (just cook the blueberries on medium heat until they pop and get gooey)


How about you? What went well in your month?

Crafty Must-Reads

For the last day of National Craft Month, I wanted to share my crafty resources.

These are the websites and podcasts that I go to when I'm in need of some inspiration. I read a lot of non-crafty blogs too, but this list is just the crafty!

Craft Sanity – interviews with crafty superstars

Crafty Pod – website + podcast about all things crafty

Kim Werker – writer, crocheter, thinker-of-deep-craft-world-thoughts

Cast-On – the first (of the still alive) and the best knitting podcast

ColorBOMB – Velma is my color hero

Pioneer Woman – Cooking + photography that pushes me to be better

The Yarn Harlot – Is there any knitter who doesn't already read the funniest of all possible blogs?

Posie Gets Cozy – Alicia creates a prettily be-flowered world I want live in

Make + Meaning – the most thoughtful musings on our creative community

Did I miss your favorite resource? Share it in the comments!