If you're here from Scoutie Girl Welcome! We've been talking about planning all month: planning for money, planning for sanity, remembering that we're just fine, even if we haven't planned.

Worried about your holiday crafting? Today I share some thoughts on planning it in a mindful way, over at Scoutie Girl.

I struggled to write all day.

I feel antsy, distracted, constantly checking my email, twitter, etc ad nauseum. Now it's 2:24 and I'm writing long after I'm usually done and then *bing* I remembered.

Just yesterday, in our #withlimits twitter chat (good advice there, even if you didn't take the class), we talked about scheduling in breaks. Taking the time to remember to drink water, stretch, walk around.

As soon as I remembered, I stood up.
I'm in a crowded coffeeshop, so I walked over to a slightly-less public place and strettttched. I'm sure I'm now the weird pink-haired girl who stretches wonkily, but hey, my head cleared.

Then I went up to the coutner and ordered a water.
I was self-consious (even though I already bought my coffee), but I noticed the feeling. Realized it wasn't so horrible to keep me from actually getting the free water.

I remembered that Heidi calls that anxious, antsy part the puppy. As with any puppy, you need to talk it on a walk. Feed and water it. Play with it.

And here I am.
Writing. With something to write about!
My point (and I do have one!) is that maybe what's missing is a break.

Start small (streeeetch! yawwwwn!) and add on.

Grab a water.
Make some tea.
Take a nap.

I promise, it'll help.

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