Dudes! Yesterday's post has turned into a party, in the comments and on Twitter. If you're feeling sad or lonely…read it!

Today, I have just a few quick things I wanted to tell you about.

1. Signed books! 

My book- Market Yourself.

I have a few books left over from last summer. They've been sitting in my closet for months and just this week I realized – I could send them to you! Signed (if you like)! You see, when you order my book from my page, the publisher, or Amazon, it comes to you directly from the publisher. I don't see or touch those books. But I got a box to take to a workshop in Seattle…and I still have a few left.

My book- Market Yourself.

So! If you'd like a signed book, you can order it from me with this link.
You're buying the book from me + I'm going to ship it to you myself, via USPS Priority Flat Rate envelope. It's $26.95 + $5 for shipping (US only, if you're international, I'll email you to adjust the shipping).  When you check out, tell me if you'd like me to write something specific (perhaps it's for a friend?)

My book- Market Yourself.

The pages are filled with little asides and reminders, to keep things interesting. The book is written a lot like this blog – in my voice and style and jokes – but just better organized and with a zillion worksheets so you can take what you're reading and apply it to your business. (People really seem to like it!)  I have 8 books and when they're gone, they're gone!

Click here to buy a signed book


2. Workshops in North Carolina

I am teaching 4  in-person workshops in the next week, as a teacher with Handmade in America. I'm super honored to be invited to be one of  their teachers, and delighted to hold my first workshop with them.  If you're in the area and you want to come, you have to register ahead of time. If you're a member, the workshops are free; if not, each is $20 (or you can join the Council at the workshop).  Each workshop is 2 hours long, and will include a lesson, worksheets and discussion. (I'll be teaching different workshops in other counties in the fall, so sign up here if you want to hear about them)

Saturday, May 4th at the Surrey County Arts Council
10 am – Noon Artist's Portfolo
1 pm – 3pm  Target Market
To register: arts@surryarts.org

Monday, May 6th at Ashe County Arts Council
3pm – 5pm Artist Portfolio
6 pm -8 pm Social Media for Beginners
To register, please contact the Arts Council at  (336)846-ARTS :: jane@ashecountyarts.org


3. Managing the growth of your business

Last week I wrote about post about how to handle those times of crazy-growth, when it seems we don't have space for everything we need to do, over at OhMyHandmade.


4. Hilarity.

If you're reading this via email, click through to laugh and laugh.

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